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Lube Stop sends loyal customers Sales, Promos, Coupons and Rebates to reward them for registering with them online.  We do this to help them further reduce their service costs.

If you are interested, please register on our website for these rewards.  We’ve provided a registration form at the bottom of each page of our website to help you do that.  Here’s how it works.  First, you fill it out and then submit it.  This action adds you to our customer database.  Then once you are added, we will start emailing you, as promised.   Lastly, when you get your email, respond accordingly depending on if it’s a sale, promo, coupon or rebate being offered.  So, keep your eyes out for those emails that provide lots of savings each month.

Additionally, Lube Stop offers a Loyalty Program where customers can earn points.  Fortunately, these accumulated points also translate into sales, promos, coupons and rebates for repeat customers.  These really add up quickly!

So, don’t wast anytime.  Register with us right away in all our rewards, sales, promos, rebate and coupon programs so you can start reaping the benefits today.


Our sales come in many different forms.  First, we have what we call “$10 store bucks”.  We give these to customers on a promotional basis from time to time.  Secondly, we will often put any over-stocked oils, fluids, filters, etc. on a clear-out sale to make way for new inventory.  And thirdly, we will often have seasonal or event sales on all products and services within our stores at different times of the year.


Our promos happen at different times of the year, also.  Just to name a few, they are mostly associated with event themes such as “Winter Readying”, “Back to School” for the teen drivers, “Fall Cleaning Your Car Engine” or “Tire Rotation Specials”.  Register with us so you don’t miss any of these opportunities.


Customers who are enrolled in our Loyalty program are often issued coupons at various loyalty levels.  Additionally, we issue them at certain times of the year such as the Holidays.  Other times, we included them in our email campaigns.  Just keep checking!


Our rebates include seasonal rebates on new tires.  Check with use at the beginning of summer and winter, before buying your new tires.  We help you fill out the rebate form and send it in for what is sometimes hundreds of dollars of savings.  So, before buying your tires, check with us about these rebates.

Servicing and maintaining a vehicle can sometimes be costly.  Lube Stop understands that.  In response, they have designed one of the very best Sales, Promos, Coupons and Rebates program in the industry.  Register with us and start receiving these today.

Also, check out our other PERKS so you can see what you’re in for as a Lube Stop customer.

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