Our Lube Stop Location


About the Manager

Our 2 Regina Lube Stop locations on both Alberta St and Victoria Ave East are managed by Paul-Emile Marcil.

Paul-Emile is a husband, father-of-2 and grandfather-of-7. He has been working around vehicles in the automotive industry for most of his career of 45+ years. He is a licensed Red Seal Inter-provincial Journeyman Automotive Technician.

Paul-Emile is a people oriented entrepreneur with extensive interpersonal communication skills and marketing abilities.  He has strong family values and personal values which he brings to the job on a daily basis.  Everyone is treated like family.  When it comes to Customer Service and experiences, Paul-Emile  is “Old School”.  Come on in and see what true Customer Service and Satisfaction is all about.

“Lube Stop – Where we take pride in your ride!”