In addition to our pledge to serve Lube Stop customers with excellent primary service, Lube Stop is also committed to going the “extra mile” for you. This is so that we can keep you as a long term loyal client – not just a one time customer. As such, we have designed several “extra mile” optional services to add to our standard services for your convenience, pleasure and savings.

Motor oil

Mile 1  Monthly Draws

Lube Stop likes to reward loyal customers.

By registering with us (see the registration form at bottom of every screen on our website) customers receive regular emails with links to coupons, rebates, sales, promos and discounts throughout the year.

In addition to this, at the end of each month, we make a draw for either a Free Oil Change certificate or a ticket to a local Sports Event. If your name is randomly selected, we will notify you by email or phone that your ticket or coupon is at the shop waiting for you!


Mile 2  Myth Busting on your Behalf

We listen to our clients. Often, in doing so, we discover the presence of myths regarding vehicle maintenance that prevent them and others from enjoying our cost savings and high quality services. Below are some of myths that we’ve busted and would like to share:

Myth 1. If you use Lube Stop for servicing, your warranty will be void. WRONG!!! BUSTED!!!! All products used and sold are warranty approved to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Myth 2. You can’t get the same level of service at Lube Stop as a dealership will provide. WRONG!!! BUSTED!!!!  No appointment is required at Lube Stop and all service levels meet or exceed those you would get from your dealer as set by OEMs.  Products are factory filled, meaning they are exactly the same no matter who replaces them.  PLUS the prices are much more reasonable!

Myth 3. The price is good, the service is friendly, the convenience is terrific – but that must mean the quality of the products used are sub-standard. WRONG!!! BUSTED!!!! Our Havoline product line meets all OEM requirements for all major leading automakers including: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW, and Fiat!


Mile 3  Minding the Environment

We work hard to be stewards of the environment. We understand that petroleum products can be harmful to the environment. In that spirit, we take great care in using bulk supplied products where possible to eliminate the need for other smaller containers. Additionally, we protect the environment by recycling used filters, used antifreeze, transmission fluid, and any other fluids which are the by-product of our services. We also take care to use energy efficiently in every way possible to run our shops. For example, our heating is provided through a Clean Burn heating system that converts waste oil into clean heat at some of our Lube Stop locations.


Mile 4  Extending Credit

Sometimes our fleet clients or regular patrons will request credit accounts with monthly invoicing. If you wish to be considered for credit, please download our application and contact us for an appointment.


Mile 5  Providing Gift Cards

We’re pleased to offer gift cards for our services. Drop by our store to purchase one. Several packages are available.