Guiding Principal

Lube Stop as a company specializing in full auto servicing, was founded in July of 2007 and has fast become a successful franchise. With over 20 years of experience in the automotive business, Ricardo Marcil, Lube Stop’s founder, was able to design a lube service business model based on his guiding principal “that lube services be consistently delivered using fast, precise and friendly processes with top-of-the-line quality products in an all-inclusive one-stop service fashion.”

Standard Practices

With this guiding principal in mind, several practices have been developed and adopted by all Lube Stop locations:

1) Standard Processes

Every time a vehicle enters a Lube Stop bay, it is taken through a 28 POINT inspection process. This process, as well as several technical processes described in the next point, enable Lube Stop staff to consistently deliver fast and precise service.

2) Using Technology and Data Effectively

Lube Stop has developed, patented, licensed, adopted and implemented several unique data and technology systems to support their guiding principal that lube service needs to be precise. These systems use extensive manufacturing database intelligence and reporting that is directly applicable to that specific vehicle, mileage and maintenance history – followed up by a patented fluid level test to help identify anomalies not tracked in the database due to unrecorded events.

3) Recruiting and Training Quality Management and Staff

The management and staff of Lube Stop in Sylvan Lake have been carefully selected and trained in all of Lube Stop’s processes, technology and customer service disciplines. This recruiting and training practice ensures that the lube service guiding principal to deliver fast and friendly service is consistently attained.

4) Using Havoline Products

After many years of research and testing, Lube Stop is committed to using Havoline products almost exclusively for all oils, fluids, filters and additives. This decision is necessary in delivering Lube Stop’s promise for quality product that meets all stringent approval requirements by leading automakers including: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Fiat and more.

5) Precisely what you need and no more

Lube Stop believes that the decision to “do or not do” what is recommended by the systems/processes in place at Lube Stop is a decision that belongs to the customer. Lube Stop never “up sells” or “over sells”. They analyze and make recommendations based on what is evident or necessary in keeping the customer’s warranties in tact based on factual data. But, ultimately, the decision is the clients – no pressure from Lube Stop staff. This practice helps keep Lube Stop a friendly service company.

6) Competitive Pricing

Lube Stop is always one of the best deals available for lube servicing. That’s because the above practices lend themselves to economies of scale and cost savings through efficiencies. These practices allow Lube Stop to share in the cost savings with their customers. Additionally, Lube Stop creates win-win marketing situations that allow customers to save even more through various promotions, coupons, gift cards and so on.


Lube Stop has successfully built a lube service franchise business whose various locations consistently deliver fast, precise and friendly service using top-of-the-line quality products in an all-inclusive one-stop shop.  Lacombe Lube Stop was the first Lube Stop to achieve this business success and continues to be a role model to other Lube Stops joining the franchise.