Our pledge to you – our customers and clients, is to service your vehicle – not by just “meeting your expectations“, but by “exceeding your expectations“. As such, we have designed our primary auto service operations around 5 Main Pillars of “Ultimate Vehicle Maintenance Services“.

Pillar 1   Vehicle Analysis using Applied Technology

OEM Maintenance Chek Chart

We scan your vehicle’s VIN when you arrive and ask for your mileage. We cross reference this information with our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Regular Scheduled Maintenance (RSM) database to determine and deliver the auto servicing items recommended for your vehicle as specified by the manufacturer of that vehicle.

But, we don’t stop here!

Pillar 2   Vehicle Analysis using Patented Process

RSM™ Fluid Testing

We then use our own patented Regular Scheduled Maintenance (RSM™) Process in order to test the quality of the oils and fluids in your vehicle for exceptions – to give us additional analytical data. We do this by dropping oils and fluids onto a special paper that turns color and identifies which oils or fluids need replacing and which ones are likely to remain good until the next check-up. These recommendations are produced on a Multi-Fluid Test Report and recorded in our databank to monitor your vehicle’s history.

But, we don’t stop here!

Pillar 3   Vehicle Analysis using Experience and Know How

28 Point Auto Service Inspection

We then perform our physical 28 point inspection on your vehicle – to give us more data on your vehicle’s current state. We also inquire about any concerns or observations you’ve made regarding your vehicle’s recent performance. We then discuss and agree on any additional maintenance or service requirements beyond what was determined in the first two steps.

But, we don’t stop here!

Pillar 4   Tires

Tire Maintenance

Your vehicle maintenance is not complete without inspection and upkeep of your tires.  At Lube Stop, we offer TPMS, Seasonal changeovers, balancing, rotations, wheel nut locking services, tire removal/replacement, fleet discounts and more.

But, we don’t stop here!


Pillar 5  Warranty Approved Products

Chevron Havoline

And finally, we execute the concluded maintenance recommendations derived from the previous 3 steps using only the best premium products and parts that are warranty approved by all manufacturers.

Havoline is our brand of choice for 90% of our oils, fluids and products.

But, we don’t stop here! Check out our Extra Miles commitments, too.