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We are the CHEAPEST & FASTEST oil change & tire shop in Regina, even while providing HIGH END BRAND oil and tire products.  And even while providing TOP NOTCH technicians to inspect 37+ other service points in your vehicle every single time!

We want our customers to come back.  So, we do it right – to the very last drop!

Check out our Precision Based Recommendations philosophy and processes to learn more.

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Gift Box Draws!

Monthly Draws worth $1000

Every month we draw from a pool of customers that have registered with us here online and/or followed us on our social networks. To enrol, you must register and/or follow us on our 3 social network pages. If you chose all 4, you’ll get 4 chances a month to win! That’s 48 times a year!!! Don’t wait! Enrol now for 48 chances a year to win $1000 worth of merchandise! Click the Enrol button below to learn all the details!

Gear Up For Canadian Winter At Lube Stop


Coupon Specials

Our “GEAR-UP for a CANADIAN WINTER” coupon specials promotion offers savings of $100’s of dollars for services and materials essential to your vehicle’s health in the cold winter months. These include oil, lube, and fluid winter-blends necessary to keep you and your vehicle operating safely. It also includes tires, filters, valves, tune-ups, and additives necessary to support healthy winter operation. The best news is that these coupons apply to Lube Stop’s everyday low prices! So, don’t waste any time! Come get your vehicle ready for winter TODAY!

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Yearly Price Comparisons!

Throughout the year, we regularly compare prices with Mr Lube, Mobil 1 Lube Express, Great Canadian Oil Change, Minit Lube, Kal Tire, OK Tire & Fountain Tire! That’s so we can keep our regular prices lower than our competitors. It’s important to us that we maintain the best prices in town. So, please CONTACT US if you discover any of our competitors are offering lower prices for comparable services and products. We will check it out and make the adjustments accordingly.

Monthly Sales & Promotions!

In addition to the best regular pricing in town, Lube Stop also offers monthly sales and promotions. To keep informed of these promos and sales, register with us and we’ll add you to our mailing list. This way, you’ll be the first to know each time a new campaign for coupons, rebates, draws or discounts are launched!

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